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Tyre Management of HEMMs

Managing OTR Tyres is a much more complex task than many realize. As industries continue to improve their safety, preventative, predictive and planned maintenance programs, the days of simply regarding tyres as “use and throw things” has passed. Today’s tyres are highly engineered products that require attention and care to achieve the optimum life and performance for which they were designed. Today a multidimensional approach is required for managing tyres to achieve their optimum life.


Our tyre experts will prove to be technical partners for your company. Our experts will check your current processes, optimizing them and create a system that is tailored to your specific needs. As your consultants, they will provide quick and efficient solutions to economic problems and can save you time and money at the same time.

Activities covered under Tyre Management
  Removal and Fitment of Wheel.
  Tyres assembly and Disassembly work including accessories.
  Monitoring TKPH value and heat studies.
  Supply & Fitment of consumables like O rings, Valves etc.
  Rim cleaning and Painting.
  Regular Tread depth measurement and maintenance of tyre inflation pressure.
  Supply of Tyre Temperature and pressure monitoring system
  Inflation of Tyres using Nitrogen gas.
  Periodic matching and rotation of tyres and keeping proper records.
  Haul Road and Loading & Dump area improvement studies
  Tyre History and Monthly Service report.
  Cut Repairs and Retreading to achieve optimum life
  Supervision of all the above activities.
Benefits of Tyre Management over conventional Controlling of Tyres

There is a big difference between management of tyres and controlling of tyres. Some of the benefits of Tyre management over conventional system are listed below:

  1. Reduced Operational Costs by increasing tyre life
  2. Availability of Tyres
  3. Improved process of Tyre safety
  4. Reduced new tyre inventory and increased retreaded tyre inventory.
  5. Since tyres are not your core business, subletting tyre management activity to a professional tyre management group will allow you spend your time and energy on your other major activities.
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