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Off-The-Road (OTR) Tyre Retreading

WEI is the largest OTR Tyre Retreader in the country today, retreading more than 1000 large and ultra-large OTR Tyres (Both Radial & Cross Ply) every year. The tyres retreaded by us have set a new industry standard providing very high mileage and reliability.

Some of our esteemed customers include Coal India Limited (NCL, SECL, ECL, WCL, BCCL, and MCL), The Singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL), NMDC Limited, Tata Steel, Jindal Steel, EMTA Coal Mines, ACC, Ambuja Cement etc.

WEI uses Mould cure (Hot Process) process of Tyre Retreading. Here, the new tread is formed by applying raw rubber to the casing and heating it in a mould.

We are continuously engaged in R&D to develop and deliver superior compounds that give higher mileage to our customers. We constantly engage in testing of these compounds in the field to ensure that our customers get a product that gives superior performance.

Process Diagram

Final Inspection of Tyres 45/65 R 45 (The Biggest Loader Tyre Running in India)


Radial OTR Tyre Retreading results in significant reduction in vehicle operating costs by maximizing the life of the tyres. The purpose of off-the-road (OTR) retreading is to maximize tyre life for our customers in order to reduce operating costs
Sizes of OTR Tyres Retreated (Radial and Cross Ply):
Dump Trucks:
1. 40.00X57 2. 36.00X51 3. 33.00X51 4. 30.00X51
5. 27.00X49 6. 24.00X49 7. 24.00X35 8. 21.00X35
9. 18.00X33 10. 18.00X25 11. 12.00X24 12. 11.00X20
13. 10.00X20 14. 9.00X20        
Loaders & Graders:
  1. 45/65X45
  2. 35/65X33
  3. 29.50X29
  4. 23.50X25
  5. 14.00X25
  6. 13.00X24

A retreaded OTR tyre can look and perform like a new tyre, resulting in substantial savings in the cost differential between a retread and a new tyre and lower cost per hour. By retreading a tyre, we get 60% to 90% life of the new tyre at about 20% - 30% cost depending upon the old casing and working conditions. The retreaded tyres are a viable economic alternative to new tyres.

27.00 R 49 Retreaded Tyre Running at Manuguru OCP, SCCL. 27.00 X 49 Retreaded Tyre Running at Nigahi Project, Northern Coalfields Limited
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