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Off-The-Road (OTR) Repairs

WEI has been offering OTR tyre repair services for over 20 years. The OTR tyre repair sizes range from 25 all the way up to 57. WEI repairs both Radial and Cross Ply OTR Tyres.

Tyre repairs greatly prolong tyre life, thereby reducing overall cost per hour. This involves repairing many tyre injuries previously thought to be non-repairable. The repaired tyres can go back into service and saving the mine considerable money. The OTR tyres running in the mines and quarries can have a variety of damage:

  Full penetrations tread, shoulder or sidewall
  Major tread or shoulder cut separations
  Sidewall cuts and cut growth
WEI uses the best in class Monaflex Repair System. It uses a combination of Air Bags and flexible Heat Pads to provide the pressure and temperature.
Through Cut is Side Wall of 27.00 R 49 Michelin Tyre Inner View of the Through Cut is Side Wall of 27.00 R 49 Michelin Tyre
Curing of Through cut using Monaflex Repair System Side Wall Through Cut Repaired Tyre
Through Cut Repair of 30.00 R 51 Bridgestone Tyre
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