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Tyre Management Accessories
Mudflaps for Dump Trucks

Also known as Splash Guards or Mud Guards, they are a traditional truck accessory that people have been relying on for years. Protecting Trucks and Trailers from Mud, rocks and general road debris, the Mud Flap is one of the most popular vehicle accessories around. They are available in a variety of materials from heavy duty rubber mud flaps with stainless steel tips to custom moulded splash guards.


Wheel chocks

Wheel chocks are a low cost effective way to increase safety and prevent a truck or trailer from rolling out of a stationary position during loading and unloading freight. Simply place the wheel chocks behind or in front of your tire when loading and unloading or when your truck or trailer is parked. These moulded rubber wheel chocks are shaped to resist skidding on the ground while blocking the rotation of the tires on the vehicle.


Tyre Inflation Cage
Tyre Inflation Cage is mandatory for any shop working with tubeless and multi-piece rims.It is made from heavy-gauge steel tubing. It guards against blown lock rings, rims and protects against flying tyre fragments in the event of an explosion. It complies with all national and international safety regulations
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