Our workshop is well equipped for undertaking repair / rewinding of HT / LT motors and transformers with a team of qualified and experienced personnel possesing high degree of expertise & skill. The group is geared up to execute challenging jobs in the above field to cater to the large capacity electrical equipments of mining & power sector, paper mills, steel & cement industry etc.

  • Rewinding of motors & transformers (HT/LT), insulation class F&H.
  • Rotor rewinding of slip ring motors.
  • DC motor rewinding main pole/ commutator pole and armatures.
  • Dynamic balancing of rotors, armatures, impellers, fans, rollers etc.
  • Shaft replacement of rotors and armatures.
  • Commutator repairs / replacement.
  • HT coil manufacturing and supply.
  • Overhauling of electrical machines.
  • Core / laminations, restaggering or replacement.
  • Rotor caging or bar replacement.