Moulded Dock Bumpers

These are manufactured from fibre reinforced prime rubber containing nylon and polyester. These bumpers provide perfect protection and reduce damage at any low traffic loading dock, and in plant wall protection from forklifts and other material handling vehicles and consequently, significantly reduce maintenance bills. The unique design and construction achieves high impact resistance and a long life. Maintenance free and immune to all weather conditions these bumpers come in models varying in thickness from 2" to 6". All moulded bumpers have pre-drilled, countersunk mounting holes for easy installation.

We Offer a Wide Range of Models to Suit Your Requirements:

Model Size in mm (W x L x T) Weight
WEI-DB1 254 x 914 x 100 27.0
WEI-DB2 254 x 762 x 50 11.5
WEI-DB2 254 x 762 x 50 11.5
WEI-DB3 254 x 762 x 101 22.0
WEI-DB4 254 x 600 x 150 23.0
WEI-DB5 254 x 457 x 150 17.5
WEI-DB6 254 x 457 x 101 13.0
WEI-DB7 202 x 457 x 101 10.0
WEI-DB8 120 x 762 x 76 8.0
WEI-DB9 120 x 381 x 76 5.0
WEI-DB10 762 x 254 x 15 3.5
WEI-DB-L 203 x 457 x 110 13.0

Technical Specifications:

Density 1.20+.05g/cc
Hardness 80+ 5A (fully cured)
Tensile Strength 4.5 Mpa min.
Composition and Finish 5-30% Fibre as per spec. and Rubber by Volume

Rubber Bellows:

We are one of the transcendent Rubber Bellow Manufacturers. Special care has been taken to ensure the maximal quality of our Rubber Bellow. Our Rubber Bellows are a complete faultless product. The Rubber Bellow proffered by us is used in conglomerate applications. Soundness is a true synonym to our Rubber Bellow. We are providing these Rubber Bellows at very primordial prices.

Moulded Traction Motor Rubber Bellow is used to convey air from blowers inside the locomotive bodies to the commutated chamber of the traction motor

It can withstand extremely stringent condition to resist lubricating grease, oil, heat, flame & extreme weather retaining rotational stiffness. It has High air impermeability and is highly flexible.

Skirting Rubber

We manufacture a complete line of Skirtboard products. Skirting rubber is a general purpose rubber used mainly in the material handling industry and is common to every conveyor application and paramount in the prevention of spillage at material loading points. This product is designed for use as conveyor skirtboard or belt wiper. It is a black natural rubber designed for use as a conveyor skirting or similar application.

It is available in various thickness and widths as per customer requirements.

Chute Liners

Impact of rocks and other heavy material can load down the lifetime of feed hoppers. Our wear products have been providing heavy duty wear protection in the mining industry for years. These wear elements not only protect against wear but also serve as impact-dampers and prevent damage to hoppers. Feed hoppers are exposed to heavy stress daily – the constant crushing, cutting, abrasion and impact of rocks and other particles. The wear strength and elasticity of rubber generate valuable benefits during the entire working cycle.

Industrial activities unavoidably result in wear. And wear costs money, often lots of money. That’s why it pays to tackle wear with wear resistant rubber cuts costs in nearly every application. From discharge and storage chutes, to hoppers. Plain steel backed wear rubber plates are excellent wear lining for; truck boxes, feeders, chutes, hoppers, bins, and other applications subjected to wear and noise. It can easily be installed with a wide range of secure and reliable fastening methods.