OTR Tyre Management

Waidhan groups total tyre management program starts with understanding site challenges along with objectives and working with customers to provide customized site specific OTR tyre management solution. This starts from selection of new tyre right upto its disposal. The objective of our OTR tyre management program is to improve the overall availability of the HEMM equipments in a cost effective manner.

We use world class tyre & rim data management software to drive its ELUV decisions regarding tyre maintenance and tyre performance. This enables us in taking decisions for scheduling maintenance works, inventory management and benchmarking.

Major Activities InvolvedinOTR Tyre Management Are :

  • Supply of new OTR tyres.
  • Tyre rim assembly and dismantling.
  • Mounting/ demounting of tyres to the machine.
  • Rim inspection and maintenance.
  • Air pressure inflation and maintenance.
  • Tyre rotation and side change for even wear.
  • Maintenance of tyre casing &timely removal for retreading.
  • Tyre injury and cut repairs.
  • OTR tyre retreading.
  • Scrap tyre inspection and analysis.
  • Mine condition monitoring and TKPH study.
  • Supply of consumables like O-ring, valves, valve extension, valve core, valve caps etc.
  • Tyre data management which includes tyre data recording, analysis and recommendations and submissions of tyre reports to the customer.