Through Cut Repairs

Waidhan Engineering & Industries Pvt. Ltd. has been offering OTR tyre repair services for over 30 years. The OTR tyre repair sizes range from 25 inch all the way up to 57 inch. We use the best in class repair system in the world which comprises of a combination of air bags and flexible heat pads to provide desired pressure and temperature. This has enabled us to repair tyres which were earlier scrapped because of injuries considered irreparable. To quote an example, we can repair a radial tyre Injury cut upto 1000 mm length and 150 mm width compared to conventional repairs which were limited to repairing upto 300 mm length and 30-40 mm width.

Waidhan group conducts regular training of its technicians involved in repair of OTR tyres and boasts of having certified tyre repair technicians from global tyre repair agency.

Bead Repairs

Bead damages in OTR tyres happens due to improper handling or improper fitment of OTR tyres on the rims. Bead damages can also happen during refitment of tyres on Rims. It has been observed that OTR tyres having bead damages are rendered unfit and scrapped.

Waidhan group is the only company in India which has required expertise and equipments to repair and cure damaged tyre beads. We can repair bead damages upto any extent ifthe bead core isintact.