Waidhan Engineering & Industries Pvt. Ltd. is the largest OTR tyre retreading company in india. We are the only company in India which retreads OTR tyres by both mould cure and precure process.

The tyres retreaded by us have set new industry standards providing highest mileage and reliability. Our retreaded OTR tyres look and perform like new tyres resulting in substantial savings in the cost differential between a retread and a new tyre with lower cost per hour. By retreading a tyre, we get 60% to 90% life of a new tyre at about 25%- 40% cost depending upon the old casing and working conditions. The retreaded tyres are the most viable economical alternative to new tyres.

We are continuously engaged in R&D activities to deliver superior compounds that give higher mileage to our customers. Waidhan group provides customized mine specific retreading solutions to its customers. We constantly engage in testing of these compounds in the field to ensure that our customers get a product which gives superior performance.

The range of OTR Tyres retreaded by us:
Dump Truck Tyres (Both Radial & Bias) Loader, Dozer, Crane & Grader Tyres (Both Radial & Bias)
40.00R57 21.00R35
37.00R57 21.00R33 45/65R45 17.50R25
33.00R51 18.00R33 35/65R33 445/95R25
30.00R51 18.00R25 29.50R25 14.00R25
27.00R49 16.00R25 23.50R25 14.00R24
24.00R49 14.00R25 20.50R25 13.00R24
24.00R35 12.00R24