The group has 3 established workshops (Singrauli, Korba and Dhanbad) to retread tipper and light OTR tyres right from 7.00X16 upto 17.50X25 tyres (both radials and bias) by precure process. All the 3 workshops are geared to perform repairs from 16 inch tyres upto 57 inch tyres.

Precure or cold retreading involves vulcanisation without a mould at a temperature of 120 °C. The tyre is put together using a pre-vulcanised tread liner and non vulcanized bonding gum layer. The bond between the carcass, the bonding gum and the precured tread is created in an autoclave.

We manufacture our own retreading materials (precure tread rubber, vulcanising cement and bonding gum).Our precured tread is manufactured by using best raw materials under very high curing pressure resulting into higher mileage with longer tread life. Waidhan group, being the largest OTR tyre retreader in the country uses its own formulated tread compounds which has set new industry bench marks in India in terms of reliability and mileage for retreaded tyres. This has been achieved through unparalled experience of35 years and continuous research and development activities.

The precured tread is tailor made and formulated to suit the application and conditions for which the tyre has to be used. Each and every batch of retreading material which is being manufactured undergoes a strict quality check which ensures consistent quality and standardisation.