Wheel Chocks

OTR tyre wheel chocks are wedges placed closely against HENN wheel to prevent accidental movement. Our OTR tyre wheel chocks come in 5 sizes starting from small tippers upto 240T dump trucks. They are durable, light weight and at the same time sturdy.

OTR Tyre Inflation Cage

OTR tyre inflation cage is manufactured and supplied as per OTR Tyre sizes being handled by the customer at mining site. OTR tyre inflation cage is used for safely inflating the tyres in HENN workshop.


HENN mudflaps act as splash guards/ mud guards which prevent mud/dirt coming out from OTR tyres and settling on the HENN components. Mudflaps prevent damage of critical HENN components especially during rainy season or when excessive water sprinkling is performed on haul roads. The mudflaps manufactured by us range from 35NT dump trucks and go upto 240MT dump trucks. We also supply to HENN OEM's in the Indian market.