We are continuously engaged in R&D to develop and deliver superior compounds that give higher mileage to our customers. We constantly engage in testing of these compounds in the field to ensure that our customers get a product that gives superior performance. We have stringent controls for physical, chemical and mechanical properties and these are enforced at every stage of production. We have a well equipped laboratory capable of carrying out tests as per international test standards. Below is the list of Tests performed at our works:

  • Polymer Identification test.
  • Incoming Chemicals Testing.
  • Rheometer testing for Curing Characteristics of Rubber.
  • Hardness Test for testing compound hardness.
  • Specific Gravity test.
  • Tensile test for tensile strength of compound.
  • Elongation at Break test for elongation properties of compound.
  • Abrasion testing for checking abrasion properties of Compound.
  • Ageing Test for ageing characteristics of compound.
  • Flex test for checking flexing properties of compound.
  • Ash Content test.
  • Viscosity Test for Vulcanising Cement.
  • Total Solid Content Test for Vulcanising Cement.
  • Templates are also being used for checking buffing and building patterns of tread
  • Toxicity Index Tester.
  • Critical Oxygen Index Tester.
  • Smoke visibility tester.
  • Compression Set (upto -30 Deg. C)
Quality Control
Quality Control